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Bla bla... Vieleicht noch eine kurze Zusammenfassung was der untershcied zu GNU-FDL ist ??? -- 22:36, 16. Feb 2005 (GMT)

Du bist unglicherweise auf den Lizenztext gestoßen. Eine Erläuterung findest du unter Memory Alpha:Copyrights und Memory Alpha:Warum Memory Alpha die GFDL nicht nutzt. -- Florian - Diskussion

Version 2.5 Bearbeiten

I have just updated the English MA's license to BY-NC 2.5. If you want to upgrade as well, please contact me (preferably on my English talk page). The link of the CCL button in the lower left of each page has to be changed, and Jason Richey (Wikicities tech support) has just done that for the English pages. He likes to know if the other languages want their links fixed as well. -- Harry Talk 13:10, 4. Nov 2005 (UTC)

Hi Harry! I wonder if we can upgrade that easy from 2.0 to 2.5 since it should be some kind of compatible to the former license. Is it intended to re-license old content to 2.5? We should discuss that on your english talk-page... — Floriantalk 15:10, 4. Nov 2005 (UTC)

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